Minister Rodrigues Urges Vigilance and Unity as Guyana Marks 54th Republic Anniversary

Minister Rodrigues Urges Vigilance and Unity as Guyana Marks 54th Republic Anniversary

As the nation celebrates its 54th Republic Anniversary, Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Hon. Susan Rodrigues, called on citizens to guard against complacency amidst the level of development that our country now boasts.

These sentiments were echoed at the Bartica Community Centre Ground, where persons gathered for the Republic Anniversary Flag Raising Ceremony.

Joining the Minister on the occasion were Mr. Kerwin Ward – REO, Mr. Ewrin Ward – the Prime Ministerial Representative, Mr. Kenneth Williams – Regional Chairman, Mr. Anthony Murray – Mayor of Bartica, Ms. Gailann Persaud – Deputy Mayor, and other regional leaders.

In her address, Minister Rodrigues noted that as Guyana celebrates, its people should be reminded of the values that bind us together as one people. Speaking of the journey to where Guyana stands today, Minister Rodrigues said it was one marked by challenges and triumphs. Nevertheless, she stated, the Administration and its people have remained steadfast in our commitment to unity.

Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, addressing residents.

“Under the theme “Celebrating Our Peoples and Our Prosperity” we reflect on the remarkable journey of our young nation…Guyana, though relatively young, has made significant strides in its development, a testament to the resilience and determination of our people.”

A section of the gathering at the Bartica Community Centre Ground
The officials and residents gather for the hoisting of the Golden Arrowhead

She added that all citizens should be proud of the achievements made and the rapid development that is taking place. Bartica and the entire Region 7, has not been excluded from the Government’s development agenda. The region, she noted, has seen investments in the housing and water sectors, health and education, and roads and drainage. She announced that within another month, a new housing development will be opened, which will add value to the people of Bartica. Also, a number of communities in the Cuyuni/Mazaruni region will soon benefit from the Hinterland Housing Programme as well as improved water supply systems. The region will benefit from 40 new wells in 2024, while the communities of Kangaruma, Isseneru, Quebenang and Ominaik will benefit from ten houses each under the Hinterland Housing Programme.

“Many developed nations indeed took centuries to achieve the development we boast of today, however, this should not be an excuse for us to be complacent” the Minister cautioned. Instead, she said the developments and strides should be a motivation to work even harder to help citizens achieve their dreams and aspirations.

She further urged citizens, that as they continue to celebrate the many achievements, they must remember that there is still much work to be done.

“Let us also remain committed to the ideals of unity and oneness that have brought us this far, knowing that together, we can achieve even greater prosperity for all.”

Meanwhile, a resounding call was made by the Mayor and Regional Chairman for unity on the occasion. As part of the activity, the delegates for the 2024 Bartica Regatta were also introduced. During the event, the 2024 Bartica Regatta delegates were formally introduced. The festivities featured vibrant cultural performances, including songs and dances, leading up to the symbolic hoisting of the Golden Arrowhead.