Ministry of Housing & Water

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The Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA), was established in 1948, vide the Housing Act, Chapter 36:20, to address the housing needs of the citizens of Guyana.


Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) - To deliver, safe, adequate and affordable water and to ensure safe sewerage systems for improved public health and sustainable economic development.

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News Releases

Housing Ministry Committed to Distributing 10,000 house lots in 1st year

Housing Ministry Committed to Distributing 50,000 house lots from 2020 to 2025

Our Mandate

Ministry of Housing and Water has under its remit, responsibility for the Central Housing & Planning Authority (CH&PA) and the Guyana Water Inc (GWI).

The Ministry’s mission is addressed through three programme areas. These are: Policy Development & Administration, Housing Development and Water Service Expansion & Management.

Policy Development & Administration

The Ministry is responsible for effectively and efficiently formulating, implementing and monitoring national housing, water and sanitation policies across the country, and to ensure the proper management of human, financial and physical resources.

Housing Development

Our Housing Development programme is designed to implement national housing and settlement policies through an efficient, well planned, coordinated and structured framework; in order to realise the development of sustainable, affordable and modern settlements.

Water Service Expansion & Management

The most recent UN Human Development Index (HDI) Report 2019/202011 shows that 96% of the Country’s population have access to improved water sources. Therefore, the Utility with the support of the government plans to address this gap and expanding the cover the remaining 4% while simultaneously expanding the current treated water coverage from 53% to 90%. Under the Central Government financed capital programme, several wells to be drilled and operationalised in an effort to ensure continuity of supply and an improved level of service within a number of zones across the country.

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