10 Families in Warapoka to Receive Homes under the Hinterland Housing Project

10 Families in Warapoka to Receive Homes under the Hinterland Housing Project

Over the coming weeks, the Village Council of Warapoka Village, in the Moruca sub-region of Region One, will commence the beneficiary selection process for the Hinterland Housing Project.

Earlier today, Minister of Housing and Water, the Hon. Collin Croal, made the announcement during a community meeting in the village.

A total of 10 houses will be built at an overall cost of $40 million. The timber to be used for the construction of the homes will be sourced from the village and likewise, the labour force. The elevated structure will measure 20×25 ft. and feature four rooms and washroom facilities with a 6×10 ft verandah.

Minister of Housing and Water, Hon. Collin Croal

According to Minister Croal, this project will aid in transforming the village’s economy. The Ministry will be paying two skilled workers for the construction of each unit while the beneficiary is expected to provide three laborers.
The timber will be paid for by the Ministry at the rates offered to villagers. A total of 5000 Bm of wood is needed for the construction of each unit.

Also, in an effort to safeguard the beneficiary, Minister Croal explained that before construction the beneficiaries, both married or common-law will be made to sign a contract that will seek to safeguard them in the event of divorce or separation. Additionally, each beneficiary will receive a trestle and water tank to facilitate rainwater harvesting.

Meanwhile, Minister Croal announced that the village will benefit from a new well, which will be catered for in the 2024 National Budget.
According to Minister Croal, the new well for the village is part of a commitment made by the government to ensure improved access to potable water in hinterland communities.

Some of the residents in Warapoka, gathered at the meeting

The Minister recalled that when he took office, the coverage for potable water in Region One, stood at 40%. However, to date that has significantly improved and the coverage now stands at 70%, as a number of communities in the region are now accessing potable water for the very first time.

Also, the Minister offered residents an opportunity to raise issues affecting them and invited suggestions that will aid in making their daily lives easier.

A number of issues were raised including; the need for technical training for youths in the village, the need for repairs at the Primary School building, the need for training in the agriculture field and residents requested assistance for upgrading their recreational facility.
Accompanying the Minister are, Regional Vice Chair- Ms. Annansha Peters, Guyana Water Inc. Hinterland Service Director- Mr. Ramchand Jailal, Hinterland Housing Project, Engineer- Mr. Cy Rodriques and other technical staff of the Ministry.