East Coast Families Receive Keys to New Core Homes

East Coast Families Receive Keys to New Core Homes

The quality of life for four families within the communities of Good Hope and Lusignan, East Coast Demerara has been vastly improved, as they have now received keys to newly constructed, two-bedroom core homes, under the Ministry of Housing and Water and the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IBD) Adequate Housing and Urban Accessibility Programme (AHUAP).

The proud homeowners are Ms. Chandradai Harilall of Lot 218 Good Hope; Mr. Tulsiram Sutraban of Lot 147 Area X Plantation Good Hope, Ms. Pranpattie Mangal of Lot 507 Good Hope, and Ms. Sabrina Joseph of Lot 396 Lusignan.

Minister within the Ministry, the Hon. Susan Rodrigues and IDB Country Representative Ms. Lorena Solórzano-Salazar, joined these families on the occasion, as they are now able to move into their new homes. Minister Rodrigues noted that the Core Home initiative aids in enhancing the Government’s housing drive as it targets the most vulnerable sections of our society. She added that since the commencement of the project, the Ministry, being the executing agency and with the guidelines outlined by the IDB has been able to meet the intended target audience. The Minister further stated that the beneficiary selection process has ensured that the lives of the most vulnerable families are transformed and their living conditions improved.

One of the families receive the keys to their new home from Hon. Susan Rodrigues, Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water (2nd left) in the presence of the IDB Country Representative (1st left)

Meanwhile, similar sentiments were echoed by the IDB Country Representative. Ms. Solórzano-Salazar said the bank continues to build on the long-term partnership with the Ministry and so far, they are pleased with the outcome.

“This programme has been a long-term partnership and it’s not the first, we had before the Hinterland Housing Programme and now under this program, some 360 families will benefit”.

The IDB Country Rep. stressed the fact that the programme aim is to enhance the quality of life for vulnerable families in a holistic way as the various components deal with all-round development of communities.