GWI to Commence Drilling of New Well in Matthew’s Ridge Soon

GWI to Commence Drilling of New Well in Matthew’s Ridge Soon

Before the end of the year, the Ministry of Housing and Water through the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), is expected to roll out several relief measures to enhance water supply and access in Matthew’s Ridge, Region One.

Minister of Housing and Water, Hon. Collin Croal visited the community of Minab on Friday, where he engaged with residents on a water expansion program for their community.

Approximately thirty three (33) household in the area will be receiving potable water for the first time from GWI’s Mathew’s Ridge Water Supply System.

“We will be implementing this through the community participation method. GWI will build a trestle for water storage, as well as, provide all the materials [and] the community will assist with the laying of the pipe networks,” explained the Minister.

Minister of Housing and Water, Hon. Collin Croal (center) and a technical team from the Guyana Water Incorporated, Engages with Minab residents

He underscored that this method is a part of GWI’s goals for sustainable hinterland development, increasing skills set and employment.

Further plans for the overall development of Mathew’s Ridge are also in the pipeline, as the Minister stated a new well is expected to commence before the end of the year.

Residents in the area are said to be receiving water from a nearby spring. However during the dry season, the springs are depleted to as much as forty (40) per cent of it’s capacity and GWI provides relief in the form of sectional delivery.

“This will aid in the water flow in Mathew’s Ridge in general. We have a commitment to deliver safe water to the households and so as far as possible where we have cluster communities we will do this with the provision of additional wells,” the Minister said.

Upon completion residents in Mathew’s Ridge and environs will have a daily supply of potable water.

Minister Croal also visited the proposed well site with GWI’s Hinterland Services Director, Mr. Ramchand Jailall and a technical team. Regional Chairman, Mr. Brentnol Ashley, Martakai Neighborhood Democratic Council (NDC) Chairman, Mr. Orlando Thorne and other officials were also present.

Minister Croal and team visit the proposed well site in Mathew’s Ridge

The new well represents one of four wells to be drilled in the Martakai sub-region. The other three will be done in Baramita, Arakaka and Port Kaituma. GWI’s long-term goal is to eventually interconnect the well systems for the provision of equitable distribution in the sub-region.

During the earlier part of his visit on Friday, the Minister had also presented the NDC Chairman with a contract for the upgrading of the Port Kaituma water supply system, which will bring tremendous relief to residents in the area.

Photos: Sydel Thomas, CHPA PR Dept