Improved Security and Road Upgrades for Hope, Region Five Residents

Improved Security and Road Upgrades for Hope, Region Five Residents

-as residents seek intervention from Min. Croal

Residents in Plantation Hope housing scheme, Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice) are in-line to benefit from security and infrastructural transformation in the coming months.

Minister of Housing and Water. Hon. Collin Croal, held an outreach with residents at the scheme’s playground on Wednesday.

While at the meeting, the Minister heard of a number of concerns from residents, including security threats due to poor street lighting, deplorable roads and the absence of adequate drainage systems.

Minister Croal immediately committed to the donation of five street lights by the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA), which will be placed at vulnerable locations within the scheme. Additionally, the Minister will be engaging with Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn, on other possible solutions.

“Over the past few years what these communities have seen is neglect. We as a government will ensure that each and every community is developed,” said the Minister.

Minister of Housing and Water, Hon. Collin Croal, addresses residents

Addressing road concerns he added, “through the Central Housing and Planning Authority we are committed to doing one of the roads”.

This road upgrade will start in the coming months. As part of a long-term solution, the Ministry will explore the possibility of including additional road networks in the 2022 budget. Meanwhile, the Regional Democratic Council and Neigbourhood Democratic Council will be addressing all concerns relating to the current state of the scheme’s drainage and irrigation systems.

An access bridge being constructed at the Experiment housing scheme

During his visit, the Minister also inspected works at the Experiment Housing Scheme where a number of infrastructure works are ongoing for the construction of access roads and bridges. Upon completion, more than 500 house lot beneficiaries will be able to access their lands.

While the contractors have experienced several setbacks due to material shortages, the Minister said that works are progressing. He also visited several road sites at Bath Settlement, as part of the outreach.

Minister Croal was accompanied by Member of Parliament,  Mr. Faizal Jafferally, Regional Chairman, Mr.  Vickchand Ramphal, Regional Housing Officer, Mr. Krisendat Balkaran, Director of Community Development, Mr. Gladwin Charles and other technical staff.


Photos: Sydel Thomas, CHPA PR Dept.