13 families of Barabina get water for the first time

As promised, just under a month ago, some 65 residents of Barabina, in the Mabaruma Sub-district, Region One are now accessing potable water to their homes for the first time. In early August, the Hon. Collin Croal, Minister of Housing and Water, met with residents who complained about the water situation. As a result of the Minister’s intervention and based on advice from engineers of Guyana Water Inc. it was found that the existing Barabina Pump Station and distribution network could have facilitated extension to serve the households in need. Works for the extension commenced almost immediately and as of Monday, September 14, 2020 residents were accessing water to their homes. The works were executed by the staff of the Guyana Water Inc. with aid from the Barabina Village Council and the Regional Democratic Council.

This recent intervention will provide ease of access for residents, who in the past were forced to traverse miles for access to potable water. Residents had complained about their struggles for water during the extended dry season since their main source of water was rainwater harvesting and streams located miles away.

Over the past few weeks, the staff of Guyana Water Inc has been accessing the needs of residents within the Mabaruma, Moruca, and Port Kaituma Sub-districts and finding solutions to their water woes. Minister Croal has committed to continue making interventions to ensure better service delivery of potable water to all hinterland regions. In the coming weeks, the Minister is expected to make visits to other hinterland regions across the country.