Residents Along Soesdyke/Linden Highway Engaged on Silica City Development

Residents Along Soesdyke/Linden Highway Engaged on Silica City Development

Scores of residents from Kuru Kururu village, on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway and other surrounding communities turned out to participate in the first ever public consultation on Tuesday, as plans are progressing for the development of the new Silica City.

The meeting, which was held at the Kuru Kururu Youth Choice Centre, was facilitated by Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, the Hon. Susan Rodrigues; Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister, the Hon. Kwame McCoy; Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Housing and Water, Mr. Andre Ally; and Chief Executive Officer of the Central Housing and Planning Authority, Mr. Sherwyn Greaves. Also in attendance were Lamaha/Yarrowkabra NDC Chairman, Mr. Floyd Smith and representatives from a number of sister agencies including the Guyana Lands and Survery Commission and the Guyana Water Inc.

The consultation was geared at bringing residents up to date on the plans for the new smart city, which upon completion will transform some 3000 acres of land. It will be a self-sustainable city with commercial and industrial zones, housing, medical and educational facilities and recreational and open spaces.

Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water; Hon. Susan Rodrigues

“Silica City will be a vibrant, sustainable, resilient and modern city based on the principles of sustainable urban land use and management. But more importantly, Silica City will be a marvel,” said Minister Rodrigues.

CEO Greaves added that close to $2 billion will be expended during this first phase for infrastructure works such as the construction of access roads, bridges, reinforced concrete drains and culverts.

Chief Executive Officer of CHPA, Mr. Sherwyn Greaves
A section of residents gathered at the consultation session

After presentations from the Ministers and Mr. Greaves, residents were given the opportunity to raise questions, make suggestions and have their say in the development plans.

The establishment of Silica City was proposed in 2013 by His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali during his tenure as Minister of Housing and Water. It is in keeping with the Sustainable Development Goals, the New Urban Agenda, the Housing Act 36:20 and other guidelines.