$3.8M in Rehabilitated Bridges Commissioned at Sophia

$3.8M in Rehabilitated Bridges Commissioned at Sophia

Students of the Bright Future’s Day Care, Pre-school and Nursery School and other residents at Section ‘B’ and Section ‘C’ Sophia, Georgetown can now enjoy improved access to the school.

On Tuesday, the Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Hon. Susan Rodrigues commissioned three newly constructed timber bridges leading to the school, to the tune of $3.8 million.

Close to sixty (60) students currently attend the school. The Minister noted that the three bridges that previously existed were in a poor state and posed a threat to the safety of students, other children and residents of the community. As such, rehabilitation was urgent. In late December 2022, Minister Rodrigues announced the awarding of the contract to Four Js Construction Services and that mobilisation of equipment and construction would immediately commence.

“We’re very happy to be able to deliver this contract within three weeks and I know the children will be very safe now,” the Minister stated.

Hon. Susan Rodrigues, Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water

The construction was done in close consultation with residents. Upon their request, the Minister said a decision was made to ensure the bridges did not have certain types of rails that could encourage loitering.

“We came up with a different design so that the children can use the bridge but there wouldn’t be anybody hanging around or liming on the bridge, inhibiting the school children from having full access,” explained Minister Rodrigues.






Ms. Silvia Jules, whose son attends the school, stated that she is very happy with the new bridges. She recalled that many days she would have to jump over holes on the old bridges, and while persons had attempted to ease the situation by putting plywood, it would slip and cause people to fall.

“I am very much satisfied and happy to get a smooth walk over the bridge. I can let go of my child’s hands and let him walk freely over the bridge, I don’t have to lift him,” said Ms. Jules.

Parent, Ms. Silvia Jules

Supervisor at the school, Ms. Asha Wallace added, “it was very dangerous for the children that attend here and other children that have to use the same [old] bridges to get to and fro school. […] We are very satisfied with what has been done so far and we’re thankful”.

Bright Future’s Day Care, Pre-school and Nursery School

A Councilor from the area, Mr. Dion Younge, also lauded the quick response of Minister Rodrigues to the issue, as he noted several attempts were made to repair the bridges over the years.


Photos: Sydel Thomas & Anil Seelall, CHPA PR Dept.