$18 M Water Supply System Commissioned in Parikawarinau

$18 M Water Supply System Commissioned in Parikawarinau

Approximately 211 persons from 56 households are now benefitting from a vastly improved water supply system in the, village of Parikawarinau, in the Rupununi, Region Nine. The $18 million water supply system was commissioned on Saturday, November 26, by Minister of Housing and Water, the Hon. Collin Croal, Regional Chairman-Mr. Brian Allicock, Hinterland Service Director-Mr. Ramchand Jailall, Toshao-Mr. Brian James and other village leaders.

Minister of Housing and Water, Hon. Collin Croal (right) and Regional Chairman, Mr. Brian Allicock (left) enjoy water from the newly commissioned system

On the occasion, Minister Croal spoke of Government’s commitment to ensuring that there is 100% coverage of potable water in all hinterland regions. He urged residents to play their part in ensuring that they get the maximum benefit from the system by taking care of all components of the system.

Minister of Housing and Water, Hon. Collin Croal addresses residents of the community in the presence of Regional Chairman, Mr. Allicock (right) and GWI Director of Hinterland Services, Mr. Jailal (left)

Under this project, engineers from the Guyana Water Inc. installed a complete water supply system comprising of a newly drilled well for improved water source, the installation of a 2 km distribution network, construction of 40 standpipes and the construction of an elevated storage. This new system now serves 95% of the community with access to potable water at a household level. However, a total of 12 households that reside far off from the system are not connected and would require approximately 8km of network to be connected.

Parikawarinau village is situated approximately 35km south of the main town, Lethem. It is home to approximately 211 persons. Prior to the upgrade of the water supply system, residents relied on a hand-dug well and windmill system to supply the community with potable water. Some residents would have to travel far distances in order to access potable water for consumption, this was one the major challenges faced by the people of Parikawarinau village since there was no network to serve the community.

A sample of potable water drawn from the new Parikawarinau Water Supply System

Meanwhile, in summing up Government’s investment in the water sector for Region Nine, Minister Croal alluded to the fact that to date, some $200 million has been expended in the region.

These investments have seen approximately 400 residents of Katoonarib, Region Nine, now receiving improved access to potable water, following the completion of a Water Supply System; residents of Potarinau, Region Nine also now have improved access to potable water following the expansion of the water supply system.

Additionally, Parikwarinau now has a new water supply system; a new water supply system in Toka, Region Nine has provided first-time access to potable water for close to 300 residents in the community; the construction of a trestle equipped with storage tanks, installation of a Photovoltaic (PV) system and distribution pipelines in Shulinab, Region Nine has also ensured improved access to potable water for 400 residents.

Further, the villages in St. Ignatius, Annai, Rupertee, Aranaputa and Wowetta have benefitted from improved water supply systems.

Meanwhile, additional Projects being undertaken in 2022 and extending into 2023 in Region Nine, will see an investment of some $270 million budgeted for water supply improvement projects in Shulinab, Meriwau, Karadarunau, Masakanari, Achiweb, Shea, Rupunau, Yakarinta, Katoka, Para Bara, Quarrie and Sawariwau Villages to provide full coverage and first-time access to some residents.