Charity Squatters to Soon Get Land Titles

Charity Squatters to Soon Get Land Titles

Residents of the Charity informal settlement in Region Two will soon be in receipt of their Land Titles.

On Wednesday, Minister of Housing and Water, Hon. Collin Croal and Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Hon. Susan Rodrigues led a team from the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHPA) on an outreach with the informal settlers and other residents at the Gaulin Supermarket parking lot. The meeting was a follow-up to an engagement with H.E. President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali and residents the previous day.

During the Ministers’ outreach, the first fifty (50) informal settlers were able to register for their Agreement of Sale and Certificate of Title.

“This is a matter that has been outstanding for a while… [and] within a few days those persons are expected to receive their Title,” Minister Croal stated. He added that the priority of the government is to ensure that all Guyanese live in a developed and wholesome environment.


Minister of Housing and Water, Hon. Collin Croal (left) assisting a Charity resident


Registration and verification ongoing with residents at the during the outreach

Regularisation of the area began in 2011, under President Ali who was the Minister of Housing and Water at the time. A total of two hundred and twenty six (226) lots were created. However, the processing of Titles was put on hold to verify ownership of the area. Field verifications were conducted by CHPA staff in March 2021 and 123 lots were verified. Fifteen persons were found to be occupying road and drainage reserves. However, fifteen lots within the area have since been identified for their relocation.

Minister Rodrigues during a brief visit to the area, highlighted that the infrastructure works are also expected to commence soon. In keeping with the President’s commitment, the Minister noted that two concrete roads and drains will be constructed; one at the front of the settlement and one towards the back.

Minister within the Ministry of Housing and Water, Hon. Susan Rodrigues (right) interacts with a resident during the outreach

A number of the residents stated that the ownership documents, as well as, the development of roads will significantly impact their community.

“I believe it will be a great improvement, especially for the school children,” shared Mr. Washington Chase who has been an informal settler for some ten years.

Meanwhile, for informal settler and father of six Mr. Ralph Garraway, the work of the Ministry provides a sense of pride and comfort for residents residing in the area.

Another follow-up meeting will also be held with residents to facilitate the processing of additional Agreements of Sale and Certificates of Title.



Photos: Sydel Thomas, CHPA PR Dept.